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about us

guizhou meiyi whole home co., ltd.


meiyi home is a modern digital furniture customization enterprise which integrates product development, design, production, sales and service. main products are wardrobe, bookcase, shoe cabinet, cabinet and other board furniture.

meiyi home brand, focusing on one-to-one, customized model research and actively practice, will be a long-term customized culture, into each customized home products, into the ordinary people's homes...

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beauty and pragmatism, loyalty to quality, persistence in value, gorgeous change, everything starts with "new"



five-year warranty

eight custom spaces · dress up every corner of your home

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  • investigation of meiyi ho...

    on june 11, 2019, radomil mrkias, vice president of the china-europe and china association of science and technology and...
    investigation of meiyi home in guizhou furniture association board of directors by china and china-europe trade association
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        tel: 15885022083


location: 11-2, 2nd floor, c district, zhejiang mall

              southwest furniture city custom hall a1-64

              jiacheng home building material museum b218

              qingdao baita road city zhongcheng 4-109-1

              b-8030, 2nd floor, mall, xingyijia home, duyun city

              a2-8027/8028 on the second floor of donghong star yijia mall


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