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knowledge that custom furniture should know

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knowledge that custom furniture should know

1. one price, one goods

from the point of view of saving money, if the manufacturer's reputation is very good, then custom-made furniture is very cost-effective. it is worth mentioning that it is more cost-effective to make a set of furniture than to make one, because making a set of furniture can maximize the use of materials, making only one, inevitably resulting in waste of materials, and the waste of these materials is actually included in the budget. so if you want to customize furniture, try to make a complete plan, all furniture are customized, find a reliable manufacturer, select a more environmentally friendly main material, implement the overall customization, so you will find that it will be thousands of yuan cheaper than the purchase of finished products.

2. reality

nowadays, many people pursue individuality blindly, only considering their personal preferences and neglecting their family's living habits. this blindness has forgotten the significance of furniture itself and will not be comfortable to use. some people ignore the actual situation of the house, according to the style of furniture made in magazines, but it seems very crowded at home. this is because consumers are not professional and confident.

3. overall layout before customization

(1) number and status of family members. if the house has a limited area but a slightly larger population, the furniture should be simple in shape and relatively small in size.

(2) furniture style is consistent with decoration style. what style of furniture should be determined before decoration.

(3) make a reasonable budget. manufacturers that offer lower prices or are particularly easy to bargain should not be considered. some individual workshops, because a large number of low-quality materials are used, the price of furniture is cheaper, and they can easily bargain thousands of yuan. be careful about this kind of seemingly inexpensive furniture. on the surface, there may be no problem. after using it for a period of time, we can realize the principle of "one penny for one purchase". therefore, according to their actual needs, do adequate market research, budget in the customized market can be reasonable, to know that good materials are not cheap anywhere.

(4) use the budget on the "blade". mainly according to their own living habits and occupations, determine which furniture is necessary for life, which is not used or low utilization rate. for example, if you don't have any books and don't take your work home to do, then you don't need a study at home, at most you need to find a place to put a computer.

4. acceptance should not be sloppy

after the custom furniture is installed, the goods should be personally inspected to ensure that all kinds of materials are used correctly. when inspecting goods, reach out and touch the place which is hard to see in the interior of furniture. knock to hear whether the sound is thick or not. measure the size of furniture to avoid "short weight". open the cabinet door and smell the odor. if the odor is tearful, it shows that formaldehyde exceeds the standard seriously.

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