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how does the wardrobe taste? eight great tips for you

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how does the wardrobe taste? seven great tips for you

the beautiful wardrobe was bought back, but when you opened it, you could smell a strange smell. this kind of wardrobe not only smells bad, but also easily pollutes your beautiful clothes. it has a lot of influence on us living in the same space. what should we do at this time? this will teach you 8 magic tricks to remove the odor of wardrobes by using everyday things around you. they are healthy, environmentally friendly and readily available.

1 pineapple

because pineapple is a kind of crude fiber fruit, it can absorb the paint and formaldehyde in the wardrobe, and can also give off the fragrant taste of pineapple, accelerate the speed of removing peculiar smell, and achieve the best effect. however, fruits are easy to rot and need to be noticed from time to time and cleaned up in time.

2 black tea

use 300 grams of black tea to make hot tea in two basins. put it into the room and open the window to breathe. within 48 hours, the indoor formaldehyde content will drop dramatically, and the irritating odor will be basically eliminated.

3 brine

some of the newly bought solid wood wardrobes still have a heavy paint smell, so don't rush to use them. you can put two plates of salt water in the wardrobe, and the paint smell will soon be dispelled.

4 perfume bottles

do not throw away the used perfume bottles and cosmetic water bottles immediately. open their caps and put them in the suitcase or wardrobe, which will make clothes fragrant.

5 old soap

home use the remaining soap head, put a few pieces in the edges and corners of the cabinet, whether for new purchases or wet season mildew wardrobes can be deodorized.

6 citric acid

to quickly remove the odor of the residual wardrobe, the cotton ball can be soaked with citric acid and hung inside the wardrobe. the same effect can be achieved with orange peel and grapefruit peel.

7 plants

many plants also have good adsorption capacity, such as cactus, cymbidium, cypress and so on. generally speaking, formaldehyde is absorbed by plants with large leaves and vanilla.

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