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how high is the height of the cabinet?

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how high is the height of the cabinet?

i found that some netizens said that the floor cabinet made by the cabinet merchant was only 78 centimeters high. i remember that the house i used to live in was higher than this. did the merchant cut corners and cut corners? how high was the height of the cabinet?

i want to say that there is no hard standard.

modern kitchen decoration mostly uses integral customized cabinets. this thing was invented by foreigners in the early days. if you remember correctly, it should be made by germans. after more than 20 years of development, it has been basically popularized in china.

is there an industry standard for cabinet height? each cabinet manufacturer may have a slightly different height and size of the default cabinet, but it is usually between 75 and 85 centimeters. remind you that in addition to considering the size of cabinet ergonomics, but also to some extent consider the utilization rate of the whole sheet.

in fact, a more scientific height, should be based on the main kitchen at home to determine the height of the table, usually half the height and then increase the height of 2-5 centimeters. in addition, if the kitchen use frequency is high, you can consider the design of unequal height of the table area, such as the area of washing and cutting vegetables can be higher, washing dishes and dishes need not bend; the area of cooking stove can be slightly lower, cooking without arms, so it is labor-saving.

for example, the owner of 165 centimetre height, vegetable basin area mesa can be designed to 85-90 centimetres, and the location of stir-fried vegetables can be around 75 centimetres.

there are many details of the kitchen design can improve usability, of course, these details will certainly increase the investment of funds, for families rarely cook at ordinary times, you can ignore these, anyway, even the kitchen is redundant.

cabinet style

the layout of cabinets can be divided into four types, i.e. one-character type, l-type, u-type and island-type. different layout, the corresponding use space and population are also different.

a-shaped cabinet:

the cabinet opens along a wall, and the work goes on in this straight line. this compact and effective narrow design is suitable for small and medium-sized families.

l-type cabinet:

l-shaped cabinet is the ideal choice for small space. in this way, the ideal working triangle can be obtained by dividing the working area between two adjacent walls.

u-shaped cabinet:

u-shaped cabinet is easy to use for each item, and can make full use of space for cooking and storage. both of them can work in the kitchen at the same time.

island type cabinet:

there are more operating desks and storage space, which is convenient for many people to operate at the same time. it needs a lot of kitchen space. ensure adequate room for movement and operation between kitchen cabinet and kitchen island.

when choosing the cabinet style, the owner needs to consider the kitchen space pattern, size, style, usage habits and so on.

however, generally speaking, the layout of "one" and "l" type is more suitable for small apartment kitchen decoration. u type makes small kitchen very crowded. island type kitchen is suitable for large open kitchen.

cabinet material

the cabinet is mainly composed of cabinets, countertops and hardware. different materials have different characteristics and prices. when choosing and purchasing, we should consider our own requirements and economic conditions.


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