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custom cabinets need to pay attention to 10 major issues!

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custom cabinets need to pay attention to 10 major issues!

in modern decoration, many families will choose custom cabinets. so when choosing customized cabinets, what problems should we pay attention to in order to make our customized cabinets satisfactory? next, the small edition of the comprehensive collation of customized cabinets need to pay attention to the top ten issues, you need to customize cabinets to look carefully!

1. pay attention to the thickness of cabinet body board when customizing cabinets

the cost varies greatly with the thickness of cabinet panels. the cost of 18 mm thick panels is 7% higher than that of 16 mm thick panels. the service life of the cabinet made of 18 mm thick plate can be prolonged by more than twice to ensure that the door plate is not deformed and the table surface is not cracked.

2. when customizing cabinets, pay attention to whether they are independent cabinets

the whole set of cabinets will affect the fastness, so consumers should ask clearly when choosing the whole cabinet, the difference of service life and stability between the two is 2-3 times, and the difference of cost is 5%. consumers can be identified by packaging and packaged cabinets. if individual cabinets are assembled, each cabinet should have an independent packaging.

3. when customizing cabinets, pay attention to the composition of artificial stones

suitable for kitchen countertops, there are fireproof board, artificial stone, marble, granite, stainless steel and so on. among them, the performance and price of artificial stone countertops are better. cheap countertops have high calcium carbonate content and are easy to crack.

4. when customizing cabinets, pay attention to the installation of artificial stones without dust (less dust)

if you choose a cabinet manufacturer with dust polishing, you choose to install the countertop before the floor and paint come in, otherwise you will have to spend more money to do second cleaning.

5. pay attention to the assembly of cabinets when customizing cabinets

generally small factories or hand-made on-site can only be connected with screw rivets or cementitious agents. the third generation of box bar tenon structure is adopted to reinforce the fixtures and fast-loading parts, which ensures the stability and bearing capacity of the box body more effectively, and uses less glue, which is more environmentally friendly.

6. when customizing cabinets, pay attention to whether the back panel is single-sided or double-sided

some manufacturers cut corners and make only one-sided seals on the back. the back of one-sided seals is easy to be damp and mildewed, and also easy to release formaldehyde, causing pollution, so double-sided seals are needed.

7. when customizing cabinets, pay attention to whether the cabinets are cockroach-proof and mute edge-sealing

using the cabinet body with cockroach-proof silent edge sealing, the impact can be alleviated when the cabinet door closes, the noise can be eliminated, and the entry of cockroaches and other insects can be prevented. the cost of cockroach-proof edge sealing differs by 3%. nowadays, the market seldom uses silent edge sealing, so it is more troublesome to clean it. the silence can be achieved by using damped hinges.

8. attention should be paid to the installation method of aluminium foil in water tank cabinet when customizing cabinets

is it pressed at one time or glued during installation? the sealing performance of one-time pressing is more intact, moisture is not easy to penetrate, more effective protection of cabinet body, prolong the service life of cabinet.

9. pay attention to whether the cabinet can provide test report when customizing the cabinet

the cabinet is also a furniture product, the state has a clear provision to issue a finished product inspection report and show formaldehyde content. some manufacturers can only provide raw material inspection reports, but environmental protection of raw materials is not equal to environmental protection of finished products. only qualified finished products can prove their products qualified. therefore, consumers can ask the merchant for the number of the quality inspection report produced by the merchant, or call the quality inspection department to verify the authenticity.

10. pay attention to the warranty period when customizing cabinets

the factories that dare to insure for five years have higher requirements in the use of materials, manufacturing and other links, which are also very affordable for consumers. many small factories are very cheap, but the warranty is very short or there is no warranty, once the problem is difficult to be solved reasonably, so consumers in the ordering cabinet ask clearly about product warranty and other issues.

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