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whole house customization is good or not, what should we pay attention to?

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whole house customization is good or not, what should we pay attention to?

in order to have a good decorative effect and save time and energy, many owners now choose to customize the whole house after they buy the house. whole house customization actually means that the furniture of the whole house is customized, which can make use of space, reduce unnecessary expenses, accurately understand and master the style of the house, and meet the needs of the owners. although the way of house-wide customization is very popular now, many people still have doubts about it, do not know whether house-wide customization is good or not?

1. saving time and effort

if you choose to customize the whole room, you don't need to worry about the style, design and matching of cabinets, tv cabinets, bedside cabinets and other cabinet furniture. we just need to hand these to the whole room customization company, which can have a good decorative effect and grasp the style of the whole room. at the same time, house-wide customization can also help owners save a lot of energy and time, and can avoid the problem of inappropriate size of furniture purchased by themselves.

2. controlling decoration budget

because there are many processes involved in home decoration, each process needs to buy different materials. if you do not have a good budget before the construction, then it is easy to exceed the budget in the later period. for example, there are several more cabinets inexplicably, which will consume both labor and materials, and the cost will naturally be much higher. full-house customization can effectively control the decoration budget and reduce unnecessary expenses.

3. residential area

whole-room customization has different requirements for different sizes of rooms. if your house is large, then we only need to consider the overall coordination and unity; if your house is small, then we should focus on using space and saving space, and then when customizing cabinets and wardrobes, according to the residence. room area is used to measure the type and size of cabinets and wardrobes.

4. material selection

like wardrobes, cabinets, these cabinets need to be used for a long time, and the use of high frequency, so we should pay attention to their environmental protection when selecting materials. if the quality of the plate you choose is not good, there are many harmful substances containing formaldehyde, and the environmental protection is poor, then a long time will have an impact on our health, but also prone to respiratory symptoms and other symptoms.

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