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there are white furniture in the house gradually yellowing, how to maintain it?

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white home cleaning tips, learn to use immediately!

there are white furniture in the house gradually yellowing, how to maintain it?

tea cleaning method

painted furniture contaminated with dust, can be wrapped with gauze wet tea residue wipe, or dry cloth with cold tea scrub, will make furniture particularly bright and clean. but after wiping the furniture with tea, remember to wipe the tea with a wet cloth dipped in clean water. because tea usually has tea stains, residue on the paint surface will affect the original color of furniture.

milk cleaning method

if milk is out of date, don't throw it away. use it to keep furniture. soak it in milk with a clean cloth, then wipe the table and other wooden furniture with this cloth. the effect of removing dirt is very good. after that, remember to wipe it with clean water again, or there will be milk residue with milk odor. this method is suitable for many kinds of furniture, such as leather, lacquer, marble, poly board and so on.

white vinegar cleaning method

use white vinegar and hot water to mix 1:1 ratio to gently wipe furniture surface stains. if stains are difficult to remove, vinegar water can stay on the stain surface a little, and then wipe with a soft cloth. because acetic acid softens dirt away from the surface of furniture. this method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture and cleaning of other furniture contaminated by ink marks.

lemon cleaning method

if polished or varnished woodworks are carelessly scalded by heat, they can be wiped with slices of lemon or a cloth dipped in lemon juice, then wiped with a soft cloth soaked in hot water, and then quickly wiped with a dry soft cloth to restore the original brightness.

toothpaste cleaning method

the white paint on the surface of furniture will turn yellow over time. it not only looks old, but also feels unclear. you can dip some toothpaste or toothpowder in a rag and apply it gently. with the bleaching effect of toothpaste, the color of furniture paint can be changed from yellow to white. but don't rub hard when wiping, because the friction agent in toothpaste and toothpowder will rub off the paint and damage the surface of furniture.

1. what should furniture be kept away from?

avoid placing furniture near heat sources, such as heaters, fireplaces or air conditioning vents. vigorous changes in temperature can cause damage to the exposed parts of furniture. in addition, the furniture should be far away from the humid and soot environment. the furniture placed in the kitchen or toilet needs to be treated with moisture-proof and rust-proof.

2. can the partition in the cabinet hold anything?

objects placed on partitions should be consistent with the functions of furniture. for example, avoid placing overweight books on glass partitions of antique cabinets. to reduce the possibility of tilting, place heavy objects on partitions near the bottom rather than on partitions near the top. professional manufacturers will also provide partition load-bearing instructions and placement suggestions, which should be read carefully.

3. what should we pay attention to when moving furniture?

when we adjust the furniture position at home, we need to lift the furniture, taxiing and dragging will make the furniture leg deformation or break. book cabinets, porcelain cabinets, etc., should be taken out of the internal items, and then moved.

4. in what environments is solid wood stable?

solid wood or wood-board furniture should be placed at 18-24 degrees celsius and 35-40% relative humidity, so that it will not cause wood expansion and shrinkage, leading to cracking and deformation.

5. how to keep the sofa soft and smooth?

we should always shake the cushions and pillows, which can help to adjust the density of the fillings and even reduce the wear and tear of the fabric, so that the sofa can maintain its initial softness and smoothness.

6. is the gravity bearing capacity of the marble platform very strong?

in fact, marble is not always hard enough to be used. after cutting, it can be used as a desktop or table, especially in a narrow shape. when there are not enough supporting points at the lower part, it may crack when the load is overloaded. therefore, in use, the furniture of marble countertops should not put heavy things on it, but also prevent the impact of heavy objects. when choosing a single countertops, the length should not be more than 2.4 meters.

7. how to clean bamboo and rattan materials?

bamboo and rattan furniture will have a lot of twists and cracks, easy to hide dirt and dirt. when cleaning, brush the dirt in the cracks with a brush first. heavy dirt should be wiped with detergent or baking soda. white rattan should be wiped with a little vinegar after wiping, neutralizing alkalinity to prevent discoloration. old dirt can be wiped with saline water to remove dirt and maintain it.

8. does furniture enjoy sunshine as much as we do?

do not let furniture exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, whether wood, cloth, leather or bamboo and rattan, continuous exposure to the sun, ultraviolet rays will cause cracks on the coating surface or cause fading and blackening, textile fibers will be damaged, resulting in fading and qualitative change. when you can't avoid it, you can use curtains to shield the light.

9. is it a good idea to protect the desktop with plastic mats?

some people use plastic tablecloth or plastic mattress to protect the surface of the table. on the contrary, the chemical composition of the plastic will penetrate into the coating, resulting in dents, softening and fading, and even adhesion with the desktop. when removed, the paint may be torn off together.

10. how should the leaflets of the dining table be stored?

some tables are equipped with leafhoppers (the one in the middle of the lengthenable table is used to lengthen the short board). it is convenient to lengthen the table for dinner guests. when not in use, leafhoppers should be packed in the original set and placed flat in a dry and ventilated place, such as under the bed. leaves must not be stored in damp basement or very hot top floor, nor should they stand upright, nor should they be stacked with heavy objects, so as to avoid warping deformation.


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