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five major misunderstandings of customized furniture. did you win?

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five major misunderstandings of customized furniture. did you win?

because of the strange house type, it is more and more difficult to buy a suitable furniture, so many people focus on customized furniture, not only tailor-made, but also choose the shape and material they like..... but people who have customized furniture know that there is a lot of "knowledge" in it, and they may run into the pit without paying any attention.

take a few examples casually, such as: color difference problem, color difference of cabinet and door panels, effect and color difference of color cards. when the factory enters the board from the board factory, there may be color difference in different batches or batches. some cabinets and door panels have different materials, and color difference also exists, such as sliding doors and cabinets; uncertainties of field conditions, in specific installation. lack of things in the process, or change the cabinet; the price algorithm, some calculate the area of the splitting board, and some calculate the projection area. however, the following five major misunderstandings are most people will be recruited in customized furniture.

misconception 1: customized furniture is better than finished products

from the design point of view, customized furniture is to solve some of the more stringent use of space, more personalized requirements for admission, non-standard fixed-size furniture requirements, such as in general, customized wardrobe and shoe cabinet partitions are fixed, because more punching will be more labor-intensive.

therefore, it is necessary to coordinate with the manufacturer and punch a hole every 3 cm on the board. with the increase of things in the house, the position of the partition can be moved more conveniently.

customized furniture can cover beams and columns and make use of space at high altitudes. therefore, for furniture that is not sensitive to space scale, such as sofas, tea tables, chairs, etc., as well as furniture with relatively fixed size and little difference, such as beds and tables, the finished product is actually the choice.

secondly, customized furniture, although called customization, is not made to suit our mind. how can you go anywhere? when manufacturers produce, they have their normative standards and fixed thinking mode, which can not escape the shackles of the existing technology and shape.

the finished furniture is not the same. because of the support of output, designers can use their imagination to design, and manufacturers can make a production line for a single product. so we see that finished furniture is often better designed, and custom furniture is often tucking away by people to make those patterns similar to each one.

then there is flexibility, unlike finished products, custom furniture once installed is difficult to dismantle, even moving under the location is more troublesome, if one day the sudden fantasy of redecorating the house, or the function of small adjustments, it is a very painful thing, and according to specific spatial scales designed separately. cabinet, put in another space, there are still problems that can not be placed and inappropriate.

to sum up, whether to choose customized furniture or finished products, or according to your actual situation. suggestions for small edition, the use and acceptance of space requirements are high, choose customized, such as cabinets, wardrobes and hats, shoe cabinets porch cabinets, wall bookcases, it is difficult to buy the appropriate size of finished furniture... for those who require high design and style, and often have "big renovation" at home, they choose finished furniture, such as sofas, chairs, tea tables, beds, desks and so on.

misconception 2: i don't understand the design of customized furniture. i leave it to the designer.

in fact, the designer of custom furniture manufacturer is not as professional as you imagine. they have the basic idea that... novice.

at present, the designer of customized furniture in china is not a mature and perfect profession. many interior designers are transformed. most of them do not understand ergonomics, nor do they deeply study the demands of customers. in order to save time and improve efficiency, they have basically completed the design of several sets of template size modification.

for example, wardrobe, general designer, if you don't ask for it, he will extract the model directly from the product library and change the size at will. that's why many people's wardrobes are 600 mm deep, because this is the standard size of wardrobe depth.

and cabinets, if you don't ask for them, they're basically designed to be 80 centimeters high - but if you're a big man of 1.9 meters, you'll cry. xiaobian reminds us that if we want to customize the cabinet, we should first determine who cooks more frequently in your home. based on the height of the main cook, we can calculate the design height of the cabinet according to the following standard formula. if your family cooks the same number of times, choose the average height.

according to this formula, h = height / 2 5 ~ 10cm

there is also a simple way for designers to distinguish between good and bad: a good designer will spend two or three hours chatting with you before he goes to your home to measure the size. how old is the child in the family, whether there is an old man or not, and what kind of life habits he or she usually has, etc., will fully understand the needs of your family members.

if he doesn't start measuring with the engineer as soon as he enters the door, he says, "yes, no problem, it's very nice!" that's all you have to ask for.

customized furniture, a good designer is yourself, in-depth understanding of their needs, and then actively feedback data to the designer is the correct solution. young couples, to be in a hurry, pay attention to efficiency, wardrobe should have a reasonable and clear division; older people, but more accustomed to stacking and using wardrobes, but their waists and legs are not as flexible as young people, so try to make use easier, reduce bowing and protruding situation.

of course, it should also be noted that not all your needs are reasonable and appropriate, and you should also listen to the views of designers - something beyond the scope of technology can not be achieved. misconception 3: customized furniture is a lesson i can see no matter how many such tears and blood. for example, the edge of the kitchen, the mouth that can't be closed, the nail eye that can't be blocked, and the uneven line that can't be packed in anyway...... the user of the builder @bobo: when installing the kitchen sliding door, it was found that the kitchen door was not horizontal and vertical, so the porter was so rigidly dressed as to oblique, and in order to be even, he also gave one side door to the kitchen door. the sticking and fixing can't be pulled off, so the master patted his buttocks and walked away after pretending to be finished... the laundry table on the balcony is the place i regret! when making the countertop, they gave me a size, said that the size of the pool is within this, i bought it according to the size they gave, they installed it before they found that the sink was too miniature! __________

if the angle is not just 90 degrees, the cabinet can not be installed close to the wall. there will be a big gap between the side panel and the wall. before that, i met a cabinet with a width of 1.7 meters, and the gap between the back panel and the wall of the cabinet on the left reached. 4 centimeters. maybe you think the gap is okay, but it's not good looking. just use a side view board to block it. what if it's a hanging cabinet installed with expansion screw or hanging code? the gap means that the expansion nails can not be fully fitted, the force is very unstable, in case of problems... it will kill people. everyone should not think that custom furniture is a part of your whole decoration. it can not exist in isolation. custom furniture should be matched with all the items of wall, wall, top, floor, kicking line and so on. therefore, in order to ensure the completion of the entire decoration and the quality of presentation, please be sure to have snacks.

4 misconception 4: customization, try to meet the needs of acceptance, xiaobian always thought that only poor people would desperately emphasize acceptance, but slowly found that those two or three hundred square villa customers will also have this idea, emphasizing all kinds of acceptance, hate to have to allow any empty area in the home, all cabinets and cabinets... admittedly, it's a good thing to have enough room for accommodation. to live at home, there will always be a lot of things to put away. however, the overcrowding and the shortage of the line are contrary to the original intention of customized furniture. imagine that a simple and refreshing living room or bedroom, full of cabinets, even for the cabinet, even the bed had to choose 1.5 meters, which is really good? xiaobian think, custom furniture, enough space is good. reception should be rational. many people make a storage cabinet at home alone. as a result, the contents are worthless and they will never take out the old things for use. this involves the hard injury of the chinese people in the process of "breaking up or leaving". there is no need for all the cabinets in all directions. there is a real demand for them. it is more convenient and flexible to put a finished drawer cabinet, bucket cabinet, etc. to design explosion-sensitive shed.

5 misconception 5: since you can customize it, some people have the same color and style. they have wooden floor, wooden door, bed, bedside cabinet, wardrobe in their bedroom. all in the same dark colour, and then on top of it is a white chandelier... can you imagine that scene? pushing the door in, there is no hierarchy and transition, for a long time, will feel very depressed. all dark colors, for a long time, people will feel depressed and want to feel as one. what they need is a more natural transition, a combination of color saturation and contrast, rather than the same color occupying most of the space. it's also dark, but it's more comfortable to have a sense of hierarchy and transition. likewise, solid wood furniture and the whole space should be matched reasonably, layers and transitions should be needed in color, and styles should be matched and echoed. never think it's good to be exactly the same.

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