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introduce some tips for autumn mahogany furniture maintenance!

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introduce some tips for autumn mahogany furniture maintenance!

in autumn, the air humidity is relatively small and the interior is relatively dry. in fact, the furniture is relatively easy to maintain. redwood furniture is made of precious wood. the high-grade furniture made of these precious wood should be reasonably used and properly maintained in order to prolong its service life and present the charm of mahogany furniture. the mahogany furniture needs to be maintained. here are six basic maintenance tips for mahogany furniture.


dust on the surface of furniture can be removed with a soft brush or a fox's tail broom, and then gently wiped with soft cloth such as silk. it can also use vacuum cleaner to absorb dust outside cracks and concealed parts, and residual dust can be wiped off with disinfection filter wet soft cloth. don't sweep mahogany furniture with a feather duster, because the feather duster will scratch the surface of the furniture.

damp proof

wet cloth is the natural enemy of classical furniture. because the moisture and dust in the wet cloth will form granular shape after mixing, once the furniture surface is rubbed, it is easy to cause some damage to it. if the mahogany furniture is stained, it can be wiped with water-soluble or oil-based wipes. when the outdoor humidity is high, the windows and doors in the upwind direction should be closed, and only the doors and windows in the downwind direction should be opened to reduce the water vapor entering the indoor. when the weather turns clear and the outdoor humidity becomes small, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water. due to the differences in regional and furniture characteristics, moistureproof methods are also varied.

dry prevention

in dry weather, mahogany furniture is prone to cracking and deformation. redwood furniture should be far away from heating, air conditioning and other places, such as doors, windows, tuyeres and other places with strong air flow, water loss is faster, so it should also be far away from these places. in addition, when the air is dry, you can also use bonsai fish tank or humidifier to increase indoor air humidity.

anti collision

when moving classical furniture, lift it above the ground, lift it gently, or use plastic foam to pack it tightly and carry it behind. do not drag it on the floor to avoid damage to furniture. if there is accidental wear and tear or paint stripping or even scratch, the way is to wax the old.

moth proofing

moth is the enemy of mahogany furniture, especially termites and other pests, which will eat wood fibers in furniture and damage furniture. to this end, regular checks should be carried out. if moths are found, they should be killed immediately with medicines.

light protection

light can damage classical furniture. infrared rays in light can cause warming of furniture surface. when the temperature drops, furniture will warp and crack. ultraviolet radiation is more harmful. it can not only fade furniture, but also reduce the mechanical strength of wood fibers. the damage of light to wood fibers is a gradual process of chemical change. even after the light stops, it continues to destroy wood fibers in the dark. therefore, mahogany furniture should not be placed in the position of direct sunlight. cloth curtain, bamboo curtain, sunshade, shutters and so on can be installed to prevent direct sunlight on furniture.

may we not only have it, but also appreciate it, so that we can suck up the essence of the mountains and forests, the sun and the moon, and the fresh mountain pride.

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