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why do couches and windows face each other

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why do couches and windows face each other

in the layout of geomantic omen, the sofa can be said to be the focus of the family. every day a family sits and sleeps there. if the sofa is placed in the niche of the house, the whole family will be in good spirits and the whole family will be safe. generally speaking, the jifang of the residence sits at 45 degrees on the diagonal line of the living room entrance facing south from north. if placed at the wrong wind and water level, it will damage the health and career of family members.

the sofa is against the wall and not against the window.

the sofa should be placed against the wall as far as possible. it should not be directly opposite the passage, nor should it be unreliable behind. in terms of geomantic omen and water, there are mountains by the wall and no worries about the future. if behind the sofa are doors, windows and passages, there is no wall to rely on, it will form a situation of release, people and money are difficult to prosper.

sofa by the window will only make your career unsupported!

the remedy is to place furniture such as screens and low cabinets behind the sofa and make artificial backing, which is a little better.

tell you the taboo of sofa geomancy hedging in home geomancy

1. place the sofa behind the appropriate dependable: the so-called dependable, that is, back to the mountains, refers to the sofa behind a solid wall reliable, without worries, in line with geomancy model. for example, the courtyard chair, the choice of marble for the back, the above pattern to the hidden mountain scenery is preferred.

2. if there are windows, doors or channels behind the sofa, and no solid wall is reliable, it means there is no backing hill behind the sofa, and the sofa is empty, which is the result of dissipation. if there is no solid wall behind the sofa, you can put the low cabinet or screen behind the sofa, which is called "man-made backing" to remedy the problem.

3. there should be no water behind the sofa. if the fish tank is placed behind the sofa, it is also a big taboo of geomantic omen. if the low cabinet behind the sofa is placed aquarium, feng shui boat and other decorative decoration with water is not appropriate. of course, it is harmless to use evergreen plants to fill the space behind.

4. the top of sofa should not be roofed by beams, which has a great influence. two basins of bamboo are placed on the tea table on both sides of the sofa to bear the roof of beams by continuously growing up and rising step by step.

5. sofa avoid hedging with the gate: if the sofa is in line with the gate, fengshui is called "hedging". when it comes to it, try to move the sofa away. if it is not convenient to move, it has to put a screen between the two.

6. the sofa should be curved rather than straight: the sofa plays an important role in the living room, just like the main port of the country, it can absorb as much water as possible and collect air. "kanyu is in a tight position to shut down the sand. he always makes a fortune."


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